Services for legal persons is considered to be a complete service of legal help to legal persons. Our advocates are ready to provide you with the following services

  1. Legal consultation, references, conclusions related to legal matters
  2. Verification, work out of legal documents including contracts, projects, and other documents
  3. Verification, work out of documents in the field of corporate Law, participation in meetings with shareholders
  4. Determining whether the documents provided by clients are appropriate to their interests
  5. Consultations in the taxation field.
  6. Contribution in signing complicated contracts.
  7. Estimating the contracts from the side if taxation risks
  8. Working out contracts to reduce taxation risks
  9. Consultations during the taxation checkups and participation in this procedure.
  10. Different formulations connected with different affairs of the company including inducing and reducing the capital, liquidation etc.
  11. Consultations and legal formulation related to real estate, shares, purchase and sale of businesses etc.
  12. Formulations of different bargains .