In the case of crimes against the freedom , honor, dignity , life and health of the person , constitutional law and freedom of the person or citizen , interests of the family and the child , one's ownership crimes against social order , traffic accidents , health of the society , State authority , State service , Government’s order, military service representation in investigational bodies and courts, as well as :

  1. Supporting the interests of suspected and defendant in investigational bodies and courts
  2. Finding out the responsibilities excluding or crime melting arguments or circumstances
  3. Inquires after individuals
  4. Demanding for different documents, references from different institutions in order to support the defendant and getting them.
  5. Presenting different motions in the process of investigation and trials , appeals against the decisions of the investigational bodies.
  6. Taking part in the judicial and investigational activities.
  7. Representing the interests of witness, applicant and respondent in the courts.
  8. Other authorities given to an advocate.