Property Claims

  1. Money claim
  2. Claim of missed benefit and harm including health and life injuries, harms caused by some goods or services, crimes, state deeds.
  3. Money claim in the case of lack of work because of employee.
  4. Money claim of not payed salary.

Non property Claims

  1. Recognizing the property Right
  2. Suspension of property Right
  3. Devision of property
  4. Separation of the deal from the whole property
  5. Division of the joint property of spouses
  6. Representation in appropriate bodies in cases of obtaining proper architectural and contractual documents for permissions constructing or finishing constructions.

Usage Right

  1. Recognition of the Usage Right
  2. Suspension of Usage Right

Ownership Right

  1. Returning the right of the ownership to the owner.

Mortgage Right

  1. Arguments generated from the Mortgage law including considering liquidated the mortgage contract

Annulment of the bargain

  1. Annulment of the arguable bargains including the bargains signed in non reasonable state of the sides, or in abnormal conditions.
  2. Annulment of the not properly made bargains.
  3. Recognizing the bargain valid.

Actions connected with the contract

  1. Obligation to sign a contract
  2. Changing or liquidating the contract

Inheritance Law

  1. Annulment of the heritage
  2. Isolating the unworthy heir
  3. Devision of the heritage
  4. Making the property heirless
  5. Recognizing the heir and other matters connected with the heritage.

Spouse- Family legal relations

  1. Divorcing
  2. Alymony claims
  3. Changing the amount of the alimony
  4. Limiting or Depriving of the parental right
  5. Reestablishing the parental right
  6. Recognizing the fatherhood
  7. Determining the child’s place of living
  8. Determining the schedule of visiting the child
  9. Changing or dissolving the matrimonial contract
  10. Other Spouse-Family claims

Mental property right

  1. Defending the rights of the objects of mental property, including the rights of inventions, useful model, industrial sample, the name, local name, logo of the brand.
  2. Dissolving, Changing annulling of the legal contract
  3. Dissolving, Changing annulling of the legal contract of creating and using the results of mental activity
  4. Defending the copyright and other adjacent rights

Labour Law

  1. Dissolving, Changing annulling of the job contract
  2. Reestablishing the job
  3. Recognizing the strike ilegal
  4. Other claims connected with job

Legal entities

  1. Corporate arguments, including annulment of the decision made by authorities, providing with the documents and defending the rights of shareholders.
  2. Recognizing bankrupt the physical or legal entity.
  3. Consultation about the current economical matters of the company.
  4. Research of changes in legislations, new adopted laws, acts, international contracts.
  5. Working out laws, survey and analyzing juridical acts
  6. Arrangement of negotiations related to economical matters of the company, preparation of any kind of contracts, acts, agreements including the matters related to labor law.
  7. The process of registering product Logo at a local or international level.
  8. Consultation related to insurance and insurance compensation
  9. Representation in state and non state companies, agencies of mental property.

Obligatory Law

  1. Survey of the arguments generated from contract obligations
  2. Survey of the arguments generated out of contract obligations
  3. Survey of the arguments generated actions of only one side.

Private and non property clams

  1. Defending the honor and dignity
  2. Defending the bussiness reputation

Facts of juridical importance

  1. Establishing relative relations between people
  2. Being taken into the care of another person
  3. Establishing the registrations of birth, adoption, marriage, divorcing, death.
  4. Establishing the fact of the death of the person in a certain time and under the certain circumstances, if the proper bodies reject the registration
  5. Facts of recognizing the inheritance and opening the inheritance
  6. Establishing the accident
  7. Establishing the belonging of the documents that define rights
  8. Establshing the property possesion
  9. Establishing of one’s huge strength