№ 1Attorney’s office provides legal services to all types of organizations and individuals, both in the Republic of Armenia and abroad.

The main activities of our office are aimed at both domestic customers and foreign, both in the solution of issues related to business activities, as well as with civil legal matters.

The main objective of № 1 Attorney’s office is the fast provision of high quality and professional legal services to its customers.

We work to ensure legal security to our clients and to protect their rights, thus contributing to the formation of the legal environment and the formation of the judicial system, based on principles of fairness, justice and reasonableness.

Our company specialists are highly professional, and having experience and knowledge in all areas of legal rights, provide specialized legal assistance.

One of the main missions of the № 1 Attorney’s office is always be the first on the legal market, so from time to time, the lawyers of our company are retrained on the territory of Armenia and abroad.

In addition, our lawyers provide individual counseling to some members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and participating in the creation of laws.