Welcome to the official website of the «№ 1» Attorney’s office.

The «№ 1» Attorney’s office offers you a wide range of legal services in civil sphere, which are aimed both to protecting the rights of individuals and the protection of foreign business in Armenia.

Attorneys of «№ 1» Attorney’s office are licensed members of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Republic of Armenia.

Experts in the «№ 1» Attorney’s office were retrained abroad, have extensive experience in corporate and employment law, family and inheritance law, as well as in the field of debt collection, real estate, legal defense, taxation, customs law and intellectual property.

We also provide registration and liquidation of companies in Armenia. Our experts will advise you what legal form is the most beneficial to you depending on the type of your business.

The «№ 1» Attorney’s office cooperates with various foreign law firms and state and non-state organizations.

With our help, you can submit an application for registration of your trademark in any country in the world.

The vast experience of lawyers in our firm can provide full legal advice in all aspects.

Our company shall guarantee strict confidentiality.

The «№ 1» Attorney’s office is doing everything to ensure that its activities are consistent with its slogan of «The first among equals».

Karen Aghajanyan, The President of «№ 1» Attorney’s office